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Posts from November 2008

Actually Getting Things Done, Part 2

It's been about 5 weeks since my first post about "Getting Things Done" (GTD) - the book by David Allen about personal time management and productivity.

I have now successfully gathered and processed all of my 'stuff'. The fact that this post is 5 weeks later than my first post just goes to prove the point that I made in my first post; I was wrong to ignore the books advice!

A Note to Recruitment Agents

I don't think I'm alone in my dislike of recruitment agents. They have earned a reputation for charging extortionate fees (25% to 30% of the employee's annual salary) for merely shuffling CV's from candidates to potential employers. The few recruitment agents who actually add value to their customers' businesses now appear to be lost amongst a sea of agents who simply 'go through the motions'.

Saying 'No' to Recruitment Agents