Chris Roberts

A Note to Recruitment Agents

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I don't think I'm alone in my dislike of recruitment agents. They have earned a reputation for charging extortionate fees (25% to 30% of the employee's annual salary) for merely shuffling CV's from candidates to potential employers. The few recruitment agents who actually add value to their customers' businesses now appear to be lost amongst a sea of agents who simply 'go through the motions'.

Saying 'No' to Recruitment Agents

Having had nothing but bad experiences with recruitment agents, I decided to do all I can to ensure I never have to deal with them again. The first step in this plan was to stop them calling the office!

I have achieved this with surprisingly good effect by publishing the following on our website...

We're happy to work with recruitment agents, but only on our terms. If you'd like to submit the CV of a candidate you believe to be suitable, please read the following terms and conditions first...

  1. We always take candidates through our own interview process.
  2. As we interview candidates ourselves, we do not require you to perform any screening, other than to make sure the CV you submit is relevant to the job being advertised.
  3. As we only require agents to submit relevant CVs to us, we will pay a flat fee of 4% for the introduction of a candidate who eventually becomes a full time employee.
  4. Any recruitment fees paid will be refundable in full should the candidate's employment cease for any reason within the first 6 weeks.
  5. If we are not currently advertising a position on our website, we are not recruiting. Please do not contact us in these circumstances.
  6. We may from time to time engage in business with agencies on terms other than those specified above. However, we will only do so by contacting agencies directly ourselves.
  7. Any CVs submitted must be by post or by e-mail.
  8. We do not talk to recruitment agencies by telephone unless we have contacted them first.
  9. Submission of candidate(s) details to us will be taken as your agreement to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, do not contact us.


Whenever an agent calls the office now, we direct them to our website and we rarely hear from them again! One exception to this was a recent agent who proclaimed, "If I took notice of things like that, I'd never speak to anybody!"

Perhaps this particular agent should be asking himself some questions!?