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Posts from September 2008

Actually Getting Things Done, Part 1

"Getting Things Done" (or GTD) is a book by David Allen. It claims to provide the reader with a complete, flexible solution to the problem of personal time management.

As I seem to be getting busier (and more disorganised) every day, I often find myself wasting what could be productive time simply working out what fire needs to be put out next. As with many things in my life, I turned to the Internet for advice and GTD is what it seemed to suggest. So - I've taken the Internet's advice (it never lies) and decided to give the GTD method a try.

The First Real Browser War

When you look at the major players in the web browser market since the dawn of time (1992), there have been two major periods of change in market share.

The first, between 1995 and 2000, saw Microsoft destroy Netscape's market share with successive versions of Internet Explorer (IE). The second started in 2004 and is, arguably, still going on as Firefox slowly nibbles away at IE's market lead (the last figures I saw showed Firefox's share at 21%).