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Posts from July 2010

What's Your Internet Strategy?

The chances are you already have a website; it might even be a good one! You may have put together a proper plan to ensure your site has a real purpose and attracts a good quantity of the right kind of visitors. It might even persuade them to part with some money in return for your goods and services.

If you do have such a site, well done - you're one of the few! If you haven't - perhaps you should speak to my team at Firehoop.

What is Microsoft Doing?

There's something very strange going on at Microsoft - and I can't help feeling it's all down to a lack of coherent strategy.

I have already written about the unprecedented steps Microsoft has taken to take the fight to Apple in the Smartphone market. I am eagerly awaiting the launch of their new mobile platform. Will Microsoft be able to create an ecosystem to surround the platform that can compete with Apple? Will the Zune Marketplace be able to take on iTunes? Will the Marketplace be able to take on the App Store?