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Posts from May 2012

Drawing Triangles with HTML and CSS

One of the great things about working with a team of creative designers and developers is that I get exposed to more new techniques and tools than I'd ever have time to find for myself.

One example of this is a something that Joe Sergeant showed me the other day - a technique to draw triangles using nothing more than HTML and CSS. "But how", I hear you say, "do you draw a triangle with a box model?!".

Combatting Comment Spam

Despite being a blog of modest (low) visitor numbers, the backlinks that I have acquired have had the negative effect of attracting comment spammers. The complete lack of any form of moderation system on the site did nothing to dissuade the spammers, either! Call me naive but I certainly didn't appreciate quite how much of a problem comment spam is.

For context, at the time of writing this blog is receiving around 165 spam comments per day.