Chris Roberts

Think you're finished? You're not even close!

• Posted in Business

So, you have an idea for a web application. Perhaps you've even written some of the code and got it working. Your friends and family have taken a look and think it's great. You're ready to go - all you have to do now is get it on the web and start making money!

And there's the rub. Getting an application from 'working' to 'ready to launch' often takes more work than writing the app itself.

To help get over this hurdle, I have put together this mind map containing a list of everything that isn't the app that you may need to think about. There may be some things on the list which won't be relevant to you, or which you'll defer to a third-party. It may not be an exhaustive list - but it's certainly a start.

If you think I've missed something, please let me know in the comments on this post and I'll update the mind map.

Hopefully this will help get your app off the development server and into the hands of your users!

Download a PDF of the mind map.