Chris Roberts

Microsoft Surface: Keyboard Function Lock

• Posted in Technology

The Microsoft Surface is (in my opinion) a great piece of hardware. I was an avid user of the original Surface RT, and now I'm trying out the Pro 2. I'm attempting to use this as a full-time desktop replacement. As such, and as a regular user of keyboard shortcuts, easy access to function keys is really important to me.

Unfortunately, the Type Cover keyboard relegates the function keys (F1-F12) to secondary keys, requiring the 'Fn' key to be pressed simultaneously.

Fortunately, this behaviour can be altered. Simply press 'Fn + Caps Lock' and hey presto, your function keys now behave like function keys. You can, of course, still access each button's other function by holding down the 'Fn' key (so 'Mute' becomes 'Fn + F3', for example) or reverse the whole thing again by pressing 'Fn + Caps Lock' once more.